Back in Scilab Image Processing!

After so long, finally I am back to this blog!

Some changes of the components I am going to use for my blog:
1. Scilab 5.3 beta-4 (Download this from
2. SIVP Toolbox (After Installing Scilab, you could either install this via atom module manager or using command "atomsInstall(['SIVP','0.5.3']" , without the quote)
3. IPD Toolbox (install using atom module manager or using command "atomsInstall(['IPD','7.0'])", without the quote)

Thanks to the contribitors of the SIVP and IPD toolbox, you could find the name of the generous contribitors from the Module manager page.

There are some overlapping functions between these 2 toolboxes, but as they have their own advantages, I would just install and use them both!

A simple quick example:

Original Image from Scilab page.

--> S = imread('puffin.png');
--> imshow(S);

The above imshow function is the function from SIVP toolbox, which use the tk window for showing image.

--> ShowColorImage(S,'Puffin.png');

The above ShowColorImage is the function from IPD toolbox which uses the standard Scilab figure to show the image.

In this blog, I am going to convert all (if not all, most) of my old posts done in Matlab (

There are some old posts on hough transform in this blog, which is using older version of Scilab, and different version of toolboxes, if you're adventurous enough, you might want to try it! Other wise, I would updates them soon, over the weekend.

Have a nice day!