Switching from MATLAB to SCILAB for Image Processing

After leaving school and the company dealing with MATLAB, having MATLAB is a disaster for me! As my previous blog: http://basic-eng.blogspot.com/ which contains examples for image processing using MATLAB and image processing toolbox, it went "dying" since then.

I was so reluctant to change to other software for image processing, but I have no choice...

SCILAB came into my PC for so many times, and each time I keep on installing and uninstalling after awhile as I still "addicted" to previous software, as well as the SCILAB with toolboxes are not so complete in functionality.

However, recently I decided to put my head into SCILAB and some of the toolboxes, and after familiar with the syntax and the ways which will lead to the "Crash", I start loving it!!!

I would like to share my experience using SCILAB, especially in Image Processing, and I would convert as much examples as possible from my previous blog into SCILBA code.

My successes in exploring SCILAB so far are:
1. Building GUI, even though it is more difficult to design without GUIDE in MATLAB, however, once the outline is up, I found out that it is easier to program as the handles of the components could be accessed by simply using '.' operator!!!
2. Using the SIVP toolbox, which I will introduce later, make the image processing so convenient, and writing code for image processing algorithms is more fun!