Requirement for the Examples - Scilab and Toolboxes

Examples for this blog require the following tools under windows:

1. Scilab 5.1 which could be downloaded from:
Pre-cautious: After installation, run the 3d plot demo, make sure you see the graph corrently, else, try to update the graphics card driver from:
For ATI cards:
For Intel cards:
For Matrox cards:
For NVIDIA cards:
For S3 cards:
For SiS cards:
For VIA cards:

2. SIVP-0.5.0 from
I am using this package as the core for the image processing as this toolbox supports lastest version of SCILAB in Windows.

3. SIP Toolbox from
As this toolbox do not have the binaries for Windows, but it has a lot of useful functions. Hence, I use the macros from this toolbox especially the morphology functions which is very useful!

4. ANN Toolbox from
This is a toolbox created by students in SCILAB Contest 2006. There is another toolbox which I believe is more powerful, however, more syntax when calling the functions. So I use this for the simplicity.

Installation Steps:
1. Download and Install Scilab 5.1 from

2. Download and install SIVP-0.5.0 from

3. Download ANN Toolbox from
Install the toolbox by placing the folder under SCILAB\contrib

4. Download the code from HERE, which contains the macro from SIP toolbox, thanks sip developmet team ( ), and Install the toolbox by placing the folder under SCILAB\contrib

in which SCILAB is the installation path for the toolbox.

5. Launch Scilab, on the toolbox menu, click on the installed toolbox in sequence:
a. ANN_Toolbox (a GUI will pop up, just close it)
b. SIVP -0.5.0
c. siptoolbox

notes: make sure the siptoobox is clicked after SIVP, as there are some functions overlapping between 2, and we are using later.